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Effective student behaviour management is one of the most critical elements to ensure successful delivery of the curriculum and is indeed a prime indicator of a good school. No matter how impressive the school’s facilities and resources, and other provisions, if the quality of discipline is poor, the school will become tainted, its operation will become seriously impeded and inevitably student enrolment will drop.

Effective behaviour management directly impinges upon the school’s ethos and is one of the strongest elements to impact staff morale. Effective behaviour in a school with comprehensive mechanisms to support those who implement it leads to a happy and productive environment, one which is safe, happy and secure.

Within International Schools, behaviour management will be influenced by a variety of elements such as:

Despite the diversity of factors which influence mechanisms adopted, which help define a school’s ethos, there are common elements of good practice which can be clearly identified in all schools.

We at GEL offer support in developing, within your unique environment, a comprehensive school structure which promotes and sustains effective behavioural management. In addition, our consultants provides training at all levels, tailor-made to your individual requirements.

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