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The location and structure of your new school are essential and having the right advice is critical. At GEL we will take these steps with you and take factors such as the following into consideration:

We will work with you to consider the outdoor environment and natural surroundings of the structure you plan to use. Once these types of questions have been resolved, one needs to consider the design of the building and how to utilise space best to accommodate the age range of students; the range of facilities and the type of resources needed to meet the educational objectives for your clientele which could also conceivably be utilised within the local community. Resourcing a school is a time consuming task and you need to be sure you have the full range of different physical resources needed to ensure your students have everything necessary to learn in an exciting, modern and effective environment.

GEL will help you work out the necessary resources dependant in part by the type of curriculum chosen to ensure these are budgeted for. Other factors include:

For further information, contact us today where our team of experts will be pleased to assist.

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