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Opening a New School

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Starting a New School?

Having the vision of opening a school and carrying that vision through to reality is an exciting and exhausting journey; a journey many start with good intentions, phenomenal drive and a clear idea of what they believe their school will be when completed. However, a large number of those who begin this journey finish it and are left with a sense that it was not what they had really envisioned in the beginning.


Starting any school, of any type, of any size, requires exceptional execution at all stages. Today’s educational environment can be complicated and unforgiving; the first day your school opens its doors cannot be repeated, ever, and your dreams cannot be followed at the expense of building a solid foundation, completing the essential groundwork and building a firm structure. And you cannot do it alone.

Starting your school requires meticulous planning, fastidious preparation, reliable experience and a conscientious commitment to your vision.

At GEL we understand the needs of school founders and investors such as yourself and can assist you in your preplanning, cost management and project development. Your vision can become reality, on time and on budget so when you do open your doors, what you envisioned is exactly what your stakeholders experience.

Yes No Additional information
Have you undertaken a Feasibility Study?
Who undertook this study for you?
How feasible is your project?
Have you written a business plan?
Have you written a development plan?
Have you decided on your success criteria?
What are your success criteria?
Do  you  wish  to  move  in  to  an  existing building?
Do you plan to construct a purpose built school?
Have you investigated the key specifications in constructing a school to ensure that both international and national standards are met?
Do you wish the school to become accredited with an international accreditation body?
Have you investigated how long that accreditation will take?
Have you investigated  how much accreditation will cost?
Which curriculum model do you intend to adopt?
Will that curriculum model ensure students can move from your international school to another seamlessly?
What school materials and resources will you need and where can they be purchased?
Have you projected a start-up budget?

By signing up to GEL’s 12 Steps, you will have made your first excellent decision. This introductory booklet will give you an overview of each of the areas you will need to set up and develop before your grand opening. We will be with you each step of the way to ensure your experience and the experience of your students is positive and exciting and to ensure you achieve the maximum benefit from us to ensure your investment.

When you choose GEL, you will be requested to complete a table including additional information where necessary.

For more information, please contact us today for more details and allow us the privilege to steer you in your journey to success.

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