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Conflict Resolution



Conflict resolution is an area in schools that is not the number one topic people generally wish to discuss. Inevitably however, conflictual issues may arise from time to time and when it does, one does well to pay heed to the situation and deal with it appropriately before it spirals out of control.

There are varieties of diverse situation that may arise from individual conflicts between staff, group conflicts who lobby against each other, or a variety of sensitive issues of which there are too many examples to cite. Other categories of conflict may occur between the Board and Administration. The Head may become frustrated at the intransigence of the Board and vice versa; misunderstandings are easily attained but not so easily resolved.

From the smallest conflict to full-blown serious concerns, the manner in which the situation is managed will determine the effectiveness of the outcome;

GEL provides an expert service to support you in every area of conflict resolution; from staff salaries to Head/Chair of Trustee partnership training. Contact us today to receive further information.

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