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Effective marketing is a vital component for ensuring growth and sustainability. Developing effective marketing strategies and an action plan will do much to raise awareness of a school’s identity and purpose both internally and externally and is particularly important for constituent groups to understand a school’s key message. Sending out a unified message will prevent confusion and loss of credibility.

Every school needs a marketing plan to identify its markets, analysis of return-on- investment for each strategy, and adopting up-to-date media technology to maximise recruitment opportunities.

Effective communication has been described as simply a matter of the right person, communicating the right message, to the right audience, at the right time, and in the right way.

Internal School Marketing

Internal marketing is the first step in this overall area of focus. All members of the school community from students, alumni, faculty, parents and trustees are important carriers of the school’s message transmitted to the wider community. From the front of desk receptionist or the caretaker, to the support teacher or headmaster – each has an important influence and input to contribute. First impressions of visitors to a school are vital. How does a school create the right ethos and ambience to ensure that first impressions are positive rather than the opposite?

Surveys contribute greatly to determine a school’s marketing plan and strategies which is one of many things in this area GEL can assist with.

Factors such as identifying and promoting a school’s unique brand and distinctives to prospective parents and students can also make the difference between success and failure.

External School Marketing

Whatever manner of effective diverse marketing strategies are employed, they must be appropriately designed and implemented to gain maximum impact, and be done at the right time of year.

GEL is well qualified and experienced to provide schools with a unique marketing viewpoint for the daunting range of challenges and opportunities that need to be faced by educational institutions.

Comprehensive marketing and recruiting services are available in the following areas: Publications Development

How GEL Can Help

We can assist you with all of the above including training to help you better understand the critical elements of effective marketing and admissions. In addition, we can help you to evaluate whether your current marketing plan and strategies are working effectively. This would include:

We will help you develop effective principals for marketing, communication, public relations, recruiting, and admissions. For more information on how to secure the best support in the challenges facing you, make sure to contact us today.

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