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Financial Planning & Management



Sound financial planning is an obvious requirement to ensure the successful operation of a school. GEL can assist schools to develop, implement and monitoring effective business planning and management systems tailored to each school’s specific needs. This can include long-range financial plans, annual budgets and cash flows, monthly variance analysis, cash management procedures, financial reporting, and suitable accounting and legal services.

Business planning services include:

• Long range financial planning

• Budget development assistance

• Financial Management Services

• Financial planning and reporting guidance

• Budget development timelines

• Budget monitoring formats and guidance

• Budget management

• Accounting assistance

• Business Office operation

• Legal assistance guidance

• Purchasing guidance

• Transportation guidance

• Auditing/external accounting assistance

• Cash flow projections

• Contract guidance

• Leasing guidance

Our experts can guide you through the fiscal mazes connected specifically to financial planning within every area connected to International School development from starting a new school to specialised concerns such as school expansion.

For further information, contact us today and allow us to provide you with the best solutions to the challenges you face.

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