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Welcome to Global Education Logistics and the Parents’ Gold Standard Service.
As a parent, when considering an international post, one of the most important considerations is the education of your child. You want the assurance that your child will receive an education which is either the equivalent of, or better than, the education they are currently receiving at home. We understand the concern this can cause parents and that is why many come to us for advice and recommendations.

Parents come to us with many questions and we strive to provide not only the answers but also concrete solutions in choosing an appropriate school and educational path for their child. We can do the same for you. No matter where you are locating to, we can advise you on the right educational establishment and put you in contact with the right people to ensure as smooth a transition as possible into a new school system.

At GEL, we take the fear and the mystery out of the international school system. We will approach the schools in the area you are relocating to and ask the right questions and give you honest answers. Of course, you can choose to speak to the schools directly and we will supply you with the questions you need to ask as well as the sort of answers you should expect. We teach you why not all school websites should be depended upon to give you a clear picture and you have access to recommended GEL schools and can view their online profiles, designed by GEL to give you as much information as possible.

So why should you choose GEL to assist you in finding the right International School and how exactly can we help you?

We can ease the transition.
We all know what it can be like to be the ‘new kid’ and being the ‘new kid in a new country’ can be hard. We try to lessen the impact by finding an international school with an environment designed to meet your child’s needs. International schools understand the challenges children face when moving to a new country, culture and social setting and have the support systems in place to make that transition easier. GEL schools are prepared to help and assist parent and children settle in to their new environment quickly, and Global Education Logistics teachers are some of the best in the world.

Peer and Parent Support Networks

International schools offer a social network which supports families new to a community. The very fact that an International School community is transient ensures new families are welcomed and included. We can put you in touch with other families attending the school so you have the opportunity to ask the important questions.

Ensuring continuity in your child’s education

Families of all nationalities and linguistic backgrounds can find relocating challenging but finding a curriculum which is at least familiar can go a long way in assisting that transition. The international curricula on offer can seem like a minefield; however we can assist you in choosing the right path for your child by taking the time to explain the benefits of each one on offer. Whether it is IB, CIE, CIPP, IPP, A levels or national curricula, we can advise and find the best match.

But, as you would expect from Gel, we go a step further. Not only will we find that first school but with your help we will track your child’s education meaning no matter how frequently you relocate or to where, we can always find the right match for your child.

Choosing the right school

When looking at a school for your child you may find there are a few and often choosing between them can be difficult. Through our discussions with you, we will understand your educational philosophy, your preference of traditional education or more modern progressive methods, the strengths of your child and the most appropriate educational environment for them. Knowing that a school has qualified teaching staff and appropriate School facilities play a large part in this process and our knowledge coupled with our ability to access more information than supplied in the school prospectus and website will ensure your choice is an informed one.
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