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At GEL we have developed a gold standard service for teachers who want a complete management service. We passionately believe you are more than just a teacher. You come to us with qualifications in your pocket, but you also come to us with hopes, dreams, a wish to widen your horizons and develop your career. Registration to the website is free of charge,

We are genuine in our desire to help all teachers, no matter where their expertise lies, to find that perfect job in that perfect location. Yes, we look at your qualifications but we also look at who you are and where you want to be in the future. We spend time talking to you, because we want to really understand what you want from your experience in international education. We use that knowledge to find you the teaching position you thought didn’t exist and ensure the school you go to will be the best possible fit.

Our international network of offices and agents are always available to help you and are beside you every step of the way while you are looking for that perfect job. But we don’t leave you once that contract is signed: you can rely on us to be around long after and you will find we are only a call or email away when you need advice, assistance or just a chat about how things are going.
Upon registering with us, you will also find invaluable information about the schools advertising vacancies, teaching in international schools, country information and some good advice from our teachers already working abroad across our range of websites. Whether you are searching for temporary, part-time or full time employment, you will be able to access job opportunities whenever you need them and can be sure of our commitment to finding the right job for you.

Whether your need for a job is immediate, or you are thinking long-term, as a member of GEL you can search our database under many different criteria to find that ideal position. Upon expressing an interest in a vacancy, we will send you all of the details and documentation relevant to that position: curriculum taught, facilities, student numbers, salaries/benefits, accommodation and the country and city where the school is located. We can set up interviews for you and you can also attend our online and on location recruitment fairs for face-to-face meetings with the schools.

You will upload your details on to our secure websites giving schools instant access to your profile and we will speak to you in person or by phone so we can talk to potential schools knowledgably and accurately about your philosophy, qualifications and skills. This will help ensure that the positions we have for you are tailor made and give you a choice. Schools will come to you as well as you approaching schools.

Our interest in your career goes far beyond getting you a job. GEL offers excellent training and professional development opportunities which are available to you through a simple online sign up.

Join us now and open up an infinite number of global opportunities. We want to invest in your career.


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