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Staff appraisal (also known as performance management) is a shared commitment to high performance. An important way in which schools seek to improve is by developing the effectiveness their staff, both as individuals and as teams. Everyone wants to recognise and acknowledge good teaching practice and celebrate their achievements. Standards rise dramatically when schools and individual teachers are clear about what they expect students to achieve and are skilled to implement them effectively.

Where does appraisal start and where does it conclude? Who are our appraisers and who appraises the appraisers? In what way could we describe appraisal as being continuous? What is peer mentoring? What is the difference between performance related appraisal and one which is purely a staff professional development model? Is it feasible to successfully combine the two or are they in practice mutually exclusive? What about middle and senior management or the Trustees? Should parents and students be involved in the staff appraisal process? What does an effective
staff appraisal model look like which is effective yet still user-friendly? These are some of the questions schools ask when they seek to establish, develop or review policy and implementation in this very sensitive area. Their response to this can have enormous implications for the well-being of a school.

Choosing a premier consulting education company like GEL is an important consideration for any school seeking support in staff appraisal.
Staff are a school’s greatest investment and utilising them to maximum effect will ensure that students will receive the highest quality educational
provision and value for money. Success and prestige are some of the obvious benefits reaped but the more ‘unseen’ benefits are equally important such as high morale amongst staff and a sense of community, affirmation and recognition by others within the school community.

Over the last few years, the GEL consultancy team has established an excellent team of experts well equipped to serve and provide you with tailor made packages according to your unique requirements. Let us support you through this critical stage of the school’s development to make sure you get it right in this important area of school operations. If you would like more information of how to secure the best support in the
challenges facing you, make sure to contact us today by clicking on the link below:

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