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The importance of the parent-school partnership cannot be over emphasised, and when it is utilised well, it can benefit the school more than almost anything else in terms of its wellbeing and overall prosperity. For example, the most effective form of marketing is by word of mouth and when one has a satisfied clientele, the reputation enjoyed by a school is proportional to the level of satisfaction expressed.

There are numerous things a school can employ to forge a strong relationship with parents such as:

A successful school can also use its facilities to provide a hub for the benefit of the local community. This can include, after-school, evening and week-end services offered in accordance to available resources.

In addition, schools have opportunity to identify and contribute to the local and wider community through involvement in community events, supporting worthy charities and community action projects. By doing so raises the profile of the school and provides students with a sense of responsible citizenship, integral to the mission of most educational establishments.

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