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Welcome to Global Education Logistics, specialists in consultancy for parents in international schools.

As a parent, when considering an international post, one of your most important considerations is the education of your child. You want the assurance that your child will receive an education which is either the equivalent of, or better than, the education they are currently receiving in your home country. We understand the concern this can cause parents and that is why many come to us for advice and recommendations.

Parents come to us with many questions and we strive to provide not only the answers but also concrete solutions in choosing an appropriate school and educational path for their children. No matter where a family is locating to, we can advise on the right educational establishment and put parents in contact with the right people to ensure as smooth a transition as possible into a new school system.

Why do parents choose GEL when looking for a new school?

For those families who relocate every two or three years, the service we offer is invaluable. We get to know the family, we understand their needs and we can find the right school for their child time and time again.

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