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Policies & Procedures

Part 1 


Ensuring that the full range of policies are in place, (curricular/non-curricular/handbooks) is known by staff, communicated appropriately to parents and students and implemented well, is essential to the smooth and effective running of your school.

The range of policies vary depending on the type of school, its features and characteristics and below is an example of what one school may include in a specific area.

A common challenge facing schools is not so much in the formulation of its policies but in its effective implementation and monitoring. A key factor in this is the process – how policies are formulated – and it is essential for stakeholders to have full inclusion to maintain consistency in support and accountability.

At GEL, we can help you with all of the above through the training and consultancy services we offer provided by our highly qualified and experienced team of experts. Contact us today for further information.

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