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Staff retention is a critical issue facing most if not all schools. Making sure one has a comprehensive and effective induction programme in place for all new people, even before their arrival, protects your investment and sets the scene for providing maximum opportunity for new staff to excel.

Recruitment of good teachers is expensive and time consuming, so it is important to ensure their retention within a secure and happy school environment which is a good consequence for all concerned.

Inevitably, the salary package offered to teachers is key to retaining and attracting new staff. Teachers take on a new culture, set of traditions and way of life when moving to a new country and they need maximum support and ongoing attention to facilitate their acculturation. Strange though it may seem, this is a higher criteria for teachers than salary and benefits.

GEL offers you training and consultancy in this field to ensure that your new staff experience a positive start that will set the scene for the entire period of their contract.

What place does induction have in your school? What are the main ingredients one needs to have in place? How can we support you to develop a secure and positive ethos for your teachers where everyone feels valued and affirmed?

Contact us today and we will help you get your induction right.

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