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Step 11 – Moving Towards Accreditation


‘GEL is a highly professional and experienced education consulting firm committed to providing you with success by providing sound, resolute and practical solutions. With our collective experience of specialised professionals and supporting services in all areas of education, you can rest assured that you will be partnering with a premier organisation offering you a high quality service with good value for money.’

School accreditation is an area which all successful international schools keep in focus as an integral part of their strategic development. It provides schools with an objective external seal of approval which gives prospective parents assurance that their school of choice will deliver a high standard of educational provision for their child. In addition, accreditation provides schools with a road map to guide with their strategic and professional development.

The challenge facing schools prior to embarking upon accreditation are many. At what point is it best to apply? Which accreditation agency is the best fit? Is it within your interests to pursue joint accreditation? And importantly, who can provide you with the necessary professional support through the maze of challenges facing you during the long period of preparation? These and many other issues are part of the package GEL is well equipped to support you with fully from the preliminary stage to mid-term reviews long after the school has been successfully accredited.

Choosing a premier consulting education company like GEL is an important consideration for any school embarking upon accreditation, and will not only protect your investment but ensure maximum benefit for all constituents within the school community.

Over the last few years, the GEL consultancy team has built up excellent relationships with key educational agencies and, depending on the vision of the school, we work with curricula and accreditation agencies to ensure quality and the ability to offer the right education to the students studying at the school. We can access any or a combination of accreditation bodies and offer you many different combinations of possible ‘Accreditation Paths’ to follow. Here are a selection of the most popular ones used by schools:

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