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Step 12 – GEL Consultancy Services


‘GEL is a highly professional and experienced education consulting firm committed to providing you with success by providing sound, resolute and practical solutions. With our collective experience of specialised professionals and supporting services in all areas of education, you can rest assured that you will be partnering with a premier organisation offering you a high quality service with good value for money.’

When you use GEL’s consultancy services you access GEL consultants and their expertise. We do not just assist with the start up or development of your new school, we roll our sleeves up with you and we work side by side to ensure you are realising your vision while maintaining GEL’s high standards. You will have access to all of our services and experts which include:

As you will have seen, starting your school requires meticulous planning, fastidious preparation, reliable experience and a conscientious commitment to your vision.

At GEL we understand the needs of school founders and investors such as yourself and can assist you in your preplanning, cost management and project development. Your vision can become reality, on time and on budget so when you do open your doors, what you envisioned is exactly what your stakeholders experience. By signing up to GEL’s 12 Steps you will have made your first excellent decision. We will support you fully to ensure your experience and the experience of your students is positive and exciting.

When you contact us you will realise very quickly that our consultants will assist you every step of the way and, if you choose, GEL will select and place your key team members including your Principal, SMT and administration, ensuring you have a strong foundation and a head start from the very beginning.

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