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Step 5 – Human Resourcing and Successful Recruitment



GEL is a highly professional and experienced education consulting firm committed to success offering sound, rigorous, expert and practical solutions. Our collective team of specialised professionals and supporting services in all areas of education will provide you with a premier service from a premier organisation. 


Without a curriculum you don’t have a school and making the right choice will have a direct impact upon enrolment figures. GEL specialises in a variety of curriculums including IB, UK National Curriculum, American, Canadian, Australian and International mixtures. We will support you to make the right decisions for the preferred choice to guide your school in this area in your location, for students to achieve maximum success in their learning.Below are some examples of various questions one needs to ask oneself when poised to consider the right curriculum for your school, or to change the one currently in place:

  • What is my market and what does the local population want? Which curricula are well-known, tried and tested?
  • Should I use a combination of national and international curricula?
  • Which choice will facilitate students for university entry nationally or specific countries overseas? Which curriculum will give status and credibility to your school?
  • What is the school’s philosophy of education? What examination Body will be selected?
  • What INSET training components are necessary for staff as both a condition for employment and for ongoing professional development to ensure the curriculum will be implemented well?
  • What are the budget implications for this? How user-friendly are the various curricular?
  • Does the curriculum come with comprehensive teacher planning, guidance and student assessment rubrics?
  • How culturally appropriate is the curricular material?
  • What benefits are there for employing a mix of curricular as opposed to a more unified or linear approach?
  • How does the particular choice of curriculum affect teaching styles? What curriculum resources are there for parent-school partnerships?

Resourcing a school is a time consuming task and you need to be sure you have purchased all of the different physical resources you will need to ensure your students have everything they need to learn in an exciting, modern and effective environment. GEL will help you work out the necessary resources depending on your curriculum choice and ensure these are budgeted for. You will start thinking about:

  • What will attract parents?
  • What will keep staff happy and engaged?
  • What will make for a successful learning environment?
  • What is the difference between fixed and consumable resources?
  • How much will fixed resources cost and how often will they need replaced?
  • Which areas of the school will be more expensive to resource that others?
  • How will you use ICT effectively in the administration of your school and also in teaching and learning?

Policy development will be crucial before opening and when you work with GEL you will learn that these are living, breathing, constantly evolving documents which require reflection and redrafting regularly. Your staff must feel involved in this process and take ownership of the policy decisions taken. GEL will give you a good start by handing you ready-made and/or tailor-made policies which can then be reviewed and adapted to suit your initial and future needs. You will find a list of these ready-made policies at the end of this booklet.

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