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Step 6 – Curriculum Development, Resourcing and Policy Making


‘GEL is a highly professional and experienced education consulting firm committed to providing you with success by providing sound, resolute and practical solutions. With our collective experience of specialised professionals and supporting services in all areas of education, you can rest assured that you will be partnering with a premier organisation offering you a high quality service with good value for money.’

GEL has been a flagship for recruitment with an accumulated experience of over 25 years, establishing itself in the market as one of the leading agencies in the field of education.

GEL has introduced unique innovative and creative ideas such as on-line recruitment which has transformed the face of recruitment for the 21st Century. GEL’s effectiveness is based on its highly professional and efficient approach to every detail, utilising a wide and diverse team of experts.

Knowing the key staff you need and the qualities they must have are essential before beginning the recruitment process. Your search for these key staff must be conducted as widely as possible and at IEG we can offer you a complete service. *

But, why do so many schools fall far short of this objective? And year after year, schools often pay large sums of money and time recruiting staff only to discover the need shortly thereafter to patch up mistakes made.

The international school recruitment market is huge and is hard work for schools to recruit suitable staff if they have limited resources or are unable to offer top salaries and benefits; this problem is compounded when personnel placed in charge of recruitment often have little to have no experience in the field.

At GEL we will remove this burden from your shoulders and:

Before beginning your search, GEL can help you put the following in place:

*IEG has a comprehensive recruitment policy which is based on fairness, equality and will not demonstrate prejudice in any form.

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