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Step 7 – Student Enrolment


‘GEL is a highly professional and experienced education consulting firm committed to providing you with success by providing sound, resolute and practical solutions. With our collective experience of specialised professionals and supporting services in all areas of education, you can rest assured that you will be partnering with a premier organisation offering you a high quality service with good value for money.’

Accommodating this area successfully is a precision project which needs much planning with careful analysis. If one exceeds limits, one is in danger of imploding since the school’s resources will not cope sufficiently for the intake. If one lacks sufficient numbers of students, it will incur serious financial implications.

What type of students does one wish to attract and how will this be accommodated?

–  International students?

–  Academically exclusive or inclusive?

–  Single sex or coeducational?

–  Religious or secular?

–  Top level professionals and business people or affordable for middle classes?

–  Scholarships and bursaries available?

–  Special school focus to attract students such as sports, liberal arts or IT?

–  What age groups will be targeted in the first phase of development?

What can the school offer which is distinct and stands apart from other competitor schools that would interest your clientele?

How can the school generate interest and give confidence to the parents that you will deliver the goods, build a strong reputation and provide long-term stability?

These and many more issues must be clearly approached and well managed.

GEL is well equipped to support you in every area and detail of student enrolment and we will guide you through the maze of complexities to ensure you achieve your objectives successfully and painlessly.

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