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Step 9 – Induction and Training


‘GEL is a highly professional and experienced education consulting firm committed to providing you with success by providing sound, resolute and practical solutions. With our collective experience of specialised professionals and supporting services in all areas of education, you can rest assured that you will be partnering with a premier organisation offering you a high quality service with good value for money.’

There should be an induction programme ready for implementation for all staff newly appointed to you school. Some induction is one-off and other should be ongoing throughout the first year.

Some important things to ensure when new staff arrive are:

Your induction programme will depend on the location of your school and according to the role and previous experience of the new staff. However, there are certain areas the new induction programme must cover and we can offer you ready-made or tailor-made programmes depending on your needs. GEL will work with you to ensure your induction and training is excellent and helps retain staff for the school’s stability and well being.

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