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Vital, vibrant, vast 

Africa Overview

For anyone who has visited the region, there is a definite mystique attached to Africa. For many people, there is no continent on Earth as exciting or intriguing and no other can come close to it in natural history or spectacular scenery. In a continent full of superlative camping spots, camping inside Kilimanjaro’s dramatic crater has to be one of the best and for those who dare set foot on its soil, Africa is a life-altering place. Although, at times, it can be testing and arduous, it is not the veritable hell of plagues, wars and famine that it is often reported to be. It can be a challenge for even the most well-seasoned international teachers: however, the sensational scenery, awe-inspiring wildlife and the vitality of its people make it all worthwhile. Educators looking for adventure need look no further – Africa’s scenic deserts, lakes, volcanoes and warm-hearted people are yours to discover.

Prospects for Teachers

Working in the best international schools in Africa can be a rewarding and worthwhile experience. Many of the international schools are very well established and offer teachers a tremendous opportunity to develop their careers in a wonderful environment.  Teachers’ benefits often include excellent accommodations, but remember that the amenities available will depend on the size of the city.  If you are planning to teach in Africa be prepared to be flexible and open-minded.



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