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Ancient, futuristic, spiritual 

Asia Overview

Asia is filled with extremely varied and lush coastlines, steamy jungles, high mountains, extensive rolling hills, and endless beaches providing different experiences for a vast range of travelers and a huge number of teaching opportunities for teachers. It is the largest and most populous continent in the world comprising of numerous ethnic groups and cultures linked by common historical ties.  Asia has everything from the ancient to the futuristic but above all, it is a spiritual place full of wonders.   Visiting the wonders of Angkor Wat, the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, and Borobudur will leave you breathless.   Sampling Asia’s varied cuisine is another of the joys of visiting this continent; fresh and full of flavor it is impossible to say no!  Whether you delve in the delights of the martial arts, explore its sensational islands and marine environments, or try your hand at dragon boating, travelling and working in Asia is life-altering. From the rolling landscapes of Malaysia to the ancient temples of India, Asia is one vast continent just waiting to be explored.

Prospects for Teachers

Over the last 10 years, Asia has seen a substantial recruitment of teachers to all parts of the continent. Due to the rapid industrialization of many Asian countries the prospects for educators in every field is very strong.   Although, conditions of work can vary significantly from country to country, the overall number of teaching opportunities is vast. The best remuneration packages and work conditions can be found in the major cities across this region. Employers typically require a one to two year commitment; however, educators seeking shorter work commitments should also concentrate their searches in Asia.



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