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Europe Overview

People from all over the world have experienced the magic of living and travelling in Europe and so can you!   There is no better way to explore so many countries with such proximity to one another than by living on the European continent. A continent with approximately 50 states – Russia being the largest and the Vatican City the smallest – this part of the world has a momentous history, breath-taking landscapes and cutting-edge cultures.  With stunning architecture, intricate works of art, and delightful local food, music and dance, it’s no wonder that millions of travelers from all around the world enjoy hitting its highlights every year. Besides its abundance in must-see museums packed with breathtaking art, Europe’s leads the world in fashion, art music and design and offers limitless travel opportunities. Whether you call it soccer, or football, sitting in a stadium with thousands of local and visiting fans is a thrilling experience. Europe is everything you imagine it to be and more!

Prospects for Teachers

There are many teaching opportunities listed by GEL each year with excellent International Schools in Europe. Work and remuneration conditions differ widely from country to country, but on the whole, teachers can live comfortably and enjoy a good standard of living. Usually, teachers who choose to teach in the E.U. do so for the opportunity to live in that area of the world. For non- Europeans – Americans, Canadians, Australians, and New Zealanders – a work permit will be needed. Obtaining a work visa in Europe in advance can be challenging, so for the most reliable and current information on visas please check with the home country’s consulate.



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