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Thrilling, rhythmical, inspiring

South America Overview

At GEL we invite you to immerse yourself in the lifestyle of the Latin American culture. Look beyond the salsa, the sombreros, and the tequila and take a world wind tour visiting countries like Mexico, Cuba, Peru, Brazil and Argentina or any of the other 13 countries that make up this continent. Working in South America gives you the opportunity to discover the colourful colonial neighborhoods of Bogota and soak in the dramatic views of Machu Picchu. From the quiet haven of Lake Titicaca to the madness of Lima’s street, Latin America is a captivating region where time goes by quickly. It is an immense and diverse area with endless trekking opportunities, astounding cloud-covered rainforests, breathtaking lagoons, ancient ruins, and jungles bursting with wildlife. Every village, town, valley, or hillside tells a different story. Amongst its colourful architecture international teachers will discover kind-hearted people, music that touches the soul, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Prospects for Teachers

Latin America provides an abundance of teaching opportunities so prospects for teachers are very strong. However, teachers may be left with the impression that little work exists as most Latin American schools prefer face-to-face interviews and typically recruit from the available pool of teachers already present in Latin America. Nevertheless, opportunities do exist and you can apply to attend one of our South American online teacher recruitment fairs to interview for a post in this part of the world.



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